Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Soa Suite 11g - Starting Managed Servers with Auto Login

Searching for some way to start Weblogic Managed Servers easier, without the need to inform username and password manually, I found an Oracle Install Configuration document that describes how to do that:
  • At <DOMAIN_HOME>/servers/<MANAGED_SERVER_NAME>/security (create this folder, if it not exists), create a file with the name “boot.properties”
  • Inside this file, create two properties:
    • username=<Weblogic Admin Username>
    • password=<Weblogic Admin Password>
After that, just start the managed server as usually, with startManagedWeblogic script. The script will identify the Boot Identity File and the server will be started without asking for username and password.

This is a good way to allow developers to start and stop the managed servers without let him the credentials. The first time the managed server starts, data inside the file will be replaced by encrypted information.

Enabling Auto Login by Using the Boot Identity File

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